Saturday, 31 March 2012

Scrappy Saturday's - Ahoy Matie

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I am kicking of Scrappy Saturdays with  my layout Ahoy Matie!

I have completed a layout with a Pirate theme for both of my children.  We do a lot of dress up's at our house. Book week, Halloween you name any excuse to dress up!

So I had to come up with a cute layout for my two buccaneers.   I have incorporated stamping and scrapbooking using Copic Markers colouring a Buccaneer Marci stamp and this is what I came up with!   I just loved this image and it reminds me of my daughter so it was a must to have on my scrapbooking layout.  I will be doing the exact same layout for my son using the Pirate Luka stamp.  I like to keep things even in my house! 

 To begin with I chose my colour scheme.  I opted for browns and blues to represent the colours of pirates, wooden ships, blue skies and ocean waters.

The next thing I did is worked on how I wanted the papers too look.  Texture was important. So working with a corrugated card stock I distressed the sides with my Making Memories distressing tool and used  Chocolate Chip and Early Expresso inks from Stampin Up to create an aged effect. (These particular inks are easy to use and come in a great range of colours).

I then chose the main card stock that I wanted to use for my layout.  I selected a lovely dark brown and light blue polka dot card stock from Rusty Pickle. This worked in perfect with my colour scheme.  I selected light baby blue card stock to for the photos to be mounted onto. Using the same distressing tool I distressed the edges and used the inks to age the card.  To make the labels Arghh I soaked cream card stock in tea to give it an aged effect. This is a great technique which really helps paper to look aged and worn. To do this all you need is your card stock you wish to age, a few tea bags and a baking try. Get your tea ready in the tray and place your paper in the tea, leave it to soak a minute or two once your paper is the desired colour then remove it from the tea. Once dry I then tore the paper into the shape I wanted and stamped it with the word Arghh from the clear cling stamp set by Paper Craft Pirates & Princess.

Using the left over paper from my labels I made the centre piece for my layout using an epoxy compass sticker from Creative Imaginations Scrapbooking Signature Collection to tie it together.

To create a real pirate feel I decided to make a treasure map to go onto my layout.  To begin with I soaked my cream card stock using the same tea method helping to give my paper the aged look. Before allowing it to dry I crinkled the paper very carefully as it can tear being still wet. I then flattened it out a little not too much and I allowed it to dry. Once dry I tore the edges of the map to help make it look authentic. The next step I sketched the map with pencil. When I was happy with how it looked I then outlined my map with fine permanent water proof black pen. I like to use the Copic Multiliner 0.3. The next step involved painting my map with water colour paints to give it a colourful yet worn look. While the paint was still damp I shaped my map rolling the edges on the left under and on the right upwards. This is the best time to shape your map as when it dries it sits perfectly on your page.To finish the map off I used my Chocolate Chip ink around the edges of the map.

Because this particular layout is for my daughter I wanted it do be a little girlie. I coloured my Marci stamp with pinks, brown and teals. Using the following Copic colours.

For Marci's hat and shirt I used RV32, RV93, RV95, R39.
For Marci's skirt B0000, BG72, BG75.
For her shirt colar and sleeves I used B0000, BG72, BG75.
For Marci's boots, belt and vest I used E71, E74.
For the buttons on her boots and vest I used Y26 and Y28.
For the buckle on her belt I used B0000, BG72 and BG75.
For the skull on her hat I used E71 and E74.
For her bag and telescope I used E71, E74, W6 and W7.
For her hair I used Y0000, Y00, Y02, Y26, Y28, YR27 and E74 for depth.
For Marci's skin I used E000, E00, E02 and E11.
Her lips and cheeks I used RV10.
For her earrings I used Y02 and Y28.

I then distressed the edges of the stamped image with my distress tool and used my Chocolate Chip and Expresso ink to age the card stock. Once happy with the stamped image I mounted it onto blue glitter card stock from DCWV which I also distressed around the edges and inked.  To finish the stamped image I used an epoxy sticker YO HO YO HO from the Creative Imaginations Scrapbooking Signature Collection.

The next step involved assembly of my page. I played around with placement. Getting a feel for what looked right.

Happy with how everything was placed I started gluing and using foam sticky dots to put everything into place.

To finish my layout off I needed a title for my Page.  I always remember my little boy Jostyn when dressed in his pirate get up crying out Ahoy Matie!  So it only seemed appropriate I used this phrase.

My final layout.  To finish it off I placed the brown and gold flower card stock from DCVW on the area where the photos are to be placed.  This really finished the page off nicely. Especially with the gold flowers! Around the edge of the photos I also drew stitching.

I hope you like my layout! Thanks for looking.


Fiona xxx

Friday, 30 March 2012

Butterfly Kisses - Magnolia Down Under Challenge

Good Evening Everyone!

Today I am posting my latest card. This card I am entering in the Magnolia Down Under Challenge #139 BINGO.  I have chosen Polka Dots, Glitter/Bling and Buttons.

My Card Ingredients are as follows:

I have used a Magnolia Stamp Tilda hello little Butterfly which I have coloured her using Copic Markers and the Spica range of glitter pens.

The glitter card stock used is from DCWV called the glitter card stock matstack and the polka dot paper is from Stampin Up patterns II pack.  I have embellished my piece with a polka dot teal and white flower placing a flower button for its centre.  I have added two other flowers with are teal and green.  On each corner around Tilda I have placed four miniature blue buttons. At the top of Tilda I have used a sticker with the phrase Butterfly Kisses from  K & C Company called Hopscotch grand adhesions. On each end of the sticker I have glued teal gemstones. On all outside corners around my piece I have added BLING gluing gemstones.  In the centre to the right of Tilda I have used Kaisercraft Rhinestone Flourishes called elegant Lagoon Island. To attach my stamp I used raised foam mounts.  I have sewn the glitter teal card stock to the teal polka dot paper.

I hope you like it.

Thanks for looking


Fiona xxx

Monday, 26 March 2012

Time to get busy!

Monday Morning!

The weeks are flying by again!  It's already nearing the end of March.  As a child time seemed to go so slow. Now days time is faster than ever.  All those unfinished projects.  I have decided to make a commitment to myself to complete them!  I have a mountain of unfinished scrapbooking layouts which I started with all the best intensions of completing them. Now its time to get them up to date.  So over the next few weeks I will also be posting some layouts that I have completed. I hope you will like them.  I figured if I commit myself to my blog then I have to do them. I will be dedicating a day on my blog especially to scrapbooking. However I will also be doing other things like card making, Copic tutorials, and other art projects that I have been dabbling in as well.  I want to inspire you and give you some ideas on creating new and fun projects.  Art, Design and Crafts are a wonderful outlet. That feeling of getting lost in a project and the end result that you completed something that looks so wonderful is fantastic. So with that in mind this will be how I would like things to progress on my blog.

I want my blog not to be simply a card, scrapbooking or craft blog it is all of these combined.  I know there are crafters out there that are dedicated and are just into card making,  scrapbooking or craft.  However I am a multi tasking type of girl. Yes I love to scrapbook however what I have learned in scrapbooking has crossed over into card making and visa versa. I also love to paint and draw. So I am hoping to provide a little special and something for everyone. What ever you love I hope you find inspiration here with me.  Starting next week.........The Week will goes as follows...........

Make it Mondays will be Cards, Cards, Cards. ( Card making tips and ideas )

Talented Tuesdays will be Guest Designers. However I think I will run something a little differently here. I have decided I am sure there are a lot of you who have wonderful art work and wish to display it however are maybe a little unsure how to post on a blog or ever not sure if your work is good enough. I want to display your work.  It would be my pleasure to do so. So I will be setting up a link where  you can email me photographs of your completed project and I will post it for you.

What's Up Wednesday will be updates and progress with my business ventures. I am in the process of dealing with a manufacturer at the moment to bring out a new line of rubber stamps. This is very exciting for me and as I progress I will keep you posted.

Tutorial Thursdays Every second Thursday will be Copic Tutorials with Scrappy Go Lucky. Which will also lead into classes being held at Scrappy Go Lucky.

Free For All Fridays will be what ever takes my fancy. I will post painting drawings, or something of a similar nature.

Scrappy Saturdays every second Saturday will be dedicated to those completed scrapbooking layouts I keep promising myself. I will give you examples of layouts I have completed and also provide step by step instructions too. Here is a sneak peak of the one I started this Saturday gone and I will be posting the full step by step instructions this Saturday coming. I will also be posting a link on the La La Land Blog Customer Gallery when its completed.

I Look forward to inspiring you and seeing what you create too.

Fiona xxx

Friday, 23 March 2012

Scrappy go Lucky Copic Tutorial - Skin Colour Basics #1

Good Morning Everyone!

If you are following along welcome back.  If you are new to my blog I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful!

Today I am doing the first of many more in-depth tutorials for Scrappy Go Lucky on how to colour with your Copic Markers.  This tutorial will be covering the first tutorial for colouring skin. For the purpose of this tutorial I am using Copic Sketch Markers. The Markers used will be E00 and E11.  Followed by RV10 for cheeks and lips.

Step One :  To begin with you will need to select the image you wish to colour. I am using the Beach Marci stamp by La La Land.  This is a cute little image and fun to colour.
Step Two:   In my tutorial I will be using only two colours.  The general rule when working with Copics is that you need to work with three colours in order to get the best results. I do find that sometimes there is an exception to this rule and I like to experiment. When colouring skin I have found that you can use just two colours and will still get a wonderful tonal skin effect. You can use these two colours and layer them to look as though you have in fact used more colours and still create the depth and dimension required to bring the image to life. This is especially helpful if you are just starting out with Copic Markers.  So I am going to show you how you can achieve a great result using just the E00 and the E11 in the Copic Range.

To begin you will need to colour the face area with the base colour that you are using. In this case I am using the lightest colour E00 as the base colour.

TIP:  Remember to colour in a circular motion when using the Copic Markers as an all over colour.  This helps to give an even coverage. Also remember the tip of your Marker should never be bending. This means you are colouring too hard.To prevent this hold your marker slightly at an angle.

STEP THREE:  Once you have coloured the face you can then start on the other skin areas, neck, arms, hands and legs. After the complete skin area is covered it you will need to decide where the shadows will appears on your image.

For my stamp I will be doing a centre light source.          
(Imagine the sun is shining straight on her face front on). This will mean that the centre of her face, front middle of the legs and the front of her hands will appear the lightest. This is where the highlights will be.
STEP FOUR:  Its now time to begin to highlight. I like to begin by starting with one side of the image at a time. It is now that you change your colouring technique and use a flicking brush stroke. Remembering to start from the outside edge of your image and flicking in towards the centre of the face.  I also like to break it down into sections. I will do the face first, then the neck area, followed by the arms and hands, then the legs.  It tends to make it easier and I can allow each section to dry whilst I carry on to the next. Always going back and making any changes if I need too. Using E11 I start to flick my marker inwards.
STEP FIVE:  You place your highlights using E11 to the left of the face and to the right of the face and to the top of the hair line. 
STEP SIX:  Now using light strokes with the E00 blend your E11 from where the colour just finishes. Do not colour completely over the entire E11 area. The reason for this is you will change the E11 colour and it will appear washed out. Use very light flicking strokes. You will notice that the image still appears patchy and wet therefore you need to allow this area to dry.   
STEP SEVEN:  You can now move on to the neck area. As you did with the face use E11 to highlight just under the chin area. Allow it to dry and move on to the arms and hands.
STEP EIGHT:  With the arms and hand area highlights are place at the top of the shoulders and along the tips of the fingers. The rest of the areas remain highlighted in the lighter E00. Remember that the light source is coming from the centre or front of the image so the arms will be darker near the neck and shoulder area and the hands will be darker at finger tips near the bottom. With the front middle section appearing lighter and highlighted. Allow this area to dry and move on to the legs.
STEP NINE:  The legs are highlighted using E11 at the top just under the swimming costume and near the ankles on both feet. The front of the leg is what appears highlighted.
STEP TEN:  Go back over each step starting with the face, followed by the neck, arms, hands and legs using the same flicking technique. Re do the dark E11 area first followed by the E00 blending as you go. This will slowly build your image to give depth and dimension.

TIP: Never colour light over dark always using the light colour to move the dark colour away from an area.
STEP ELEVEN:  Once you are happy with your result you can then using the RV10 marker to and blush to your images cheeks, lips and any extra highlights. To apply blush to the cheek area use a light circular motion. If there is too much colour use the E00 to blend outwards. Flicking colour away from RV10 area blending with the flicking technique inwards to centre of the face.
Now that the skin area is completed you can move on to the next section of the image.  Like the costume, hat or hair.
Stay tuned for my next tutorial on skin!

For my completed image I coloured it using the following markers.

Swimming costume and Hat: YG61, YG63, G46, Y000, Y00, Y02, Y35 and Y38.
Swimming tube:  YG61, YG63, G43 and G46.
Flowers on hat and tube:  R37, R39, R56 and Y02, Y35, Y38.
Hair: N1, N9, N10, and E71 for tone and B99 for Depth.
Colourless blender also used for corrections.

I like to pick the card stock and colours as I go.

My finished piece!

I have used navy blue card stock for the background colour and navy blue die cuts to make water splashes. Which have been highlighted with glitter to give a water effect.  Yellow card which I have used a paper punch to scollop the edges. The black and white polka dot paper is adhesive paper prints from DCWV. The green checkered paper is from Making Memories Embellishment paper Kids Collection. And the chipboard SUN letters are K.Ology from K&C Company.

Hope you like it!


Fiona xxx

Monday, 19 March 2012

Guest Designer "Kerry"

Hi Everyone, 

Today I am posting a Birthday card and a plaque that was made by a very dear friend of mine, Kerry.  Kerry has been scrapbooking and card making for around two and a half years now.  And in a short time I have seen her creations develop it the most lovely pieces. Kerry is a wonderful lady who is both caring, kind and extremely sincere. I am honoured to have her beautiful owl card and plaque be displayed proudly on my blog.

Kerry made this beautiful Birthday card for a friend of her's who she lost contact with over 15 years ago.  I am so pleasured that both ladies have the opportunity to rekindle their friendship.

Hope you love it as much as I do.

 Fiona xxx

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Quote to Brighten your Day

Good Morning!   Hope you have had a wonderful weekend!

"When the cup is full, carry it even".

Scotch Proverb quotes

 Fiona xxx